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DTE Expansion Project

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by Tia Kurina-Cooley
Sunday, February 19, 2023

A link to the application that was submitted on January 6th for your review.  That application can be viewed on the MPSC’s website here

 The publication of these applications has now initiated the required public comment period, open through February 27.  This period offers a critical opportunity to further illustrate the broad community support that exists for this project to the MPSC.  At the bottom of the web page outlining our application for this project is a link to provide public comment electronically to the MPSC - Low Carbon EIED Grant Proposals (state.mi.us).  The MPSC asked applicants to focus on four main themes when submitting proposals, the cost impacts/benefits that the project will provide customers, the positive impact that this proposal will have on the environment, the impact that this project will have on the local economy and opportunities for economic development, and that the application can demonstrate strong community and customer support.  Supportive public comments that align with these core themes will help solidify our application and give us a leg up when compared to other proposed projects.  Any outreach you can assist us with for public comment would be greatly appreciated.